Debra Mosely

Debra Ann Neace Mosley, 48, Jackson passed away Sunday, Nov. 17, at her residence in Jackson. She was the daughter of the late John Paul and Mary Golden (Noble) Neace.  She is survived by one daughter,  Brandy Neace of Jackson; two brothers, John Neace of Lost Creek, Roy Neace of Michigan; one half brother, John Paul Neace Jr. of Lost Creek; one half sister, Kimberly Hootman of Lost Creek; five grandchildren, Whitney, Trevor, Samantha, Jonathan, Isabella.  Burial in the Ivy Point #1 Cemetery at Ned.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

John F. Frazier

John F. Frazier, 79, Nancy passed away Wednesday, November 27, at the Greg and Noreen Wells Hospice Care Center in Hazard. 
John F. Frazier
John F. Frazier
 He was the son of the late Algie and Ida (Back) Frazier and was also preceded in death by four brothers, Charles Edward Frazier, Willis Frazier, Wilford Frazier and Bennie Frazier. 
He was a US Army veteran.  He is survived by one daughter, Rachel Frazier-Green of Beaver Creek, Ohio; mother of Rachel, Connie Lanham-Frazier of Beaver Creek, Ohio;
one brother, Mack (Bertie) Frazier of Noctor; two sisters, Charlotte (Clarence) Bailey of Noctor; Lena Cornett of Hazard;
one grandson, Noah Green of Beaver Creek, Ohio; special friend, Joan Sparks.  Funeral services Sat., Nov. 30, 2PM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel
with Rev. Earl Jury officiating.  Burial in Frazier Cemetery at Noctor.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangments.


Lexington, Ky. – The eyes of the nation are upon you. Media, fans, recruits, NBA scouts… everyone wants a glimpse of the Kentucky Wildcats – men’s college basketball’s all-time leader in victories, winning percentage, total NCAA tournament appearances, Sweet 16 appearances, Elite Eight appearances, etc… It’s known as the ‘bluest of the blue-blood’ programs within college basketball.


Coach Cal and Bill Raffety
Coach Cal and Bill Raffety

At the center of it all is outspoken coach John Calipari, who’s in search of the program’s ninth National Championship in 2014, a feat that would place it in sole possession of second place on the all-time list behind only UCLA.


On Monday, Dec. 9 at 7:30 PM ET, Calipari sits down with FOX Sports college basketball analyst Bill Raftery in a special FOX SPORTS 1-ON-1 interview to talk about life, bullying, in-state rival Louisville, the NBA and why he felt taking the reins at Kentucky isn’t for everyone.


“…if you took a job and (have) never been fired, you’re a golden boy, nothing ever happened to you; never coached a high-level player and then – the last part of it – is you had the weakest schedules in the world; you are going to fail here. You are not going to make it.” Calipari told FOX Sports 1-ON-1.


“So, I walked in and said, ‘You know what? I have already been fired.” Calipari continued. “What is the worst they can do – eat me?”


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Obamacare – A disaster or handout

(Editorial by Ron Hamblin) As someone who has been in Small Business for about 20 years and someone who has struggled to get insurance due to high costs, I was a little excited when Obamacare was first announced. I thought, finally, we may be able to afford insurance and provide it for our workers. What a joke that turned out to be. First off, the insurance rates are much higher than before Obamacare, and second, in poor rural areas, like Eastern Kentucky, Obamacare has been nothing more than a handout for people who aren’t willing to get off their couch and find work. Why would they?? You can draw a check, free medical and not leave the house. PERFECT!!

Obamacare - Courtesy of
Obamacare – Courtesy of

I get weekly press releases from both parties and had to share one I just got from the Democratic National Party. Keep in mind, I am not Republican or Democrat. I personally believe both parties are, “crooked as a dog’s hind leg.” I feel that most politicians have totally lost track of why they are in office. It is not a career position to work in Washington, yet most politicians think it is a career. They have lost all touch with what real Americans are going through. That being said, I will elaborate on the press release.

It starts by slamming Rand Paul. It stated, “Rand Paul hasn’t been spending much time in Kentucky. Maybe that explains why he’s so out of touch with his constituents’ experiences with the Affordable Care Act. While Paul says getting Obamacare made him an “unhappy person,” people in Kentucky are having a very different experience when they get covered. In fact, if Rand Paul got his way, he would repeal the Affordable Care Act – leaving many Kentuckians without coverage and returning to a system where folks in Kentucky went bankrupt because they got sick.”

The fact is, that statement is total nonsense. Most Kentuckians I talk to, Democrats, are in agreement with Rand Paul. He may be MORE in TOUCH with constituents than any other candidate. When organizations like the DNC make these kinds of statements, it is clear they have no clue what Kentuckians in Eastern KY are going through. Breathitt County is Democrat country and I do not think Obama even carried Breathitt in the past election. Paul would win East KY in a landslide. So who is really out of touch with Constituents?

In another statement in the press release, which was directed at a NY Post Article on those signing up for Obamacare in Breathitt County, “In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up” , it stated, “Courtney Lively, a navigator, on Kentuckians signing up: “People have been ‘pouring in’.” Well that statement is true. If you know anything about Breathitt County or any poor county, Of course they are lining up. IT IS FREE HEALTH CARE!! Who is paying for these free handouts? Hard working American taxpayers.

For the DNC to send out press releases bragging about Obamacare, it clearly shows they are out of touch with hard working Americans. Most Americans, the majority, thinks both parties are out of touch with their concerns. If politicians had to live under the same rules and laws as taxpayers, they would not spend all their time railroading American rights and WOULD make rules, laws and guideline that truly help Americans.


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