And then there was one. U.K is 21 and OH so good

Kentucky_AlabamaWith Duke’s comeback win over Virginia, coupled with U.K.’s dominating win over Alabama, the Wildcats are now the only undefeated team in the Nation. They should be unanimous #1 in all polls Monday.

The following quotes are from UK Athletics:

Alabama at Kentucky, Men’s Basketball – Rupp Arena, Lexington, Ky., Jan. 31, 2015

FINAL SCORE: Kentucky 70, Alabama 55

  • Kentucky is 21-0, 8-0 in the Southeastern Conference. Alabama is 13-8, 3-5 in league play.
  • Kentucky leads the series 105-37, including 55-10 at home.
  • With 21 consecutive victories to begin the season, UK is off to the third-best start in program history.
  • Kentucky is now the lone undefeated team in the nation following Virginia’s setback tonight to Duke.
  • Kentucky is 198-27 all-time when ranked No. 1 and has won 43 of the last 45 games as The Associated Press top-ranked team.
  • Calipari has led three schools to a No. 1 ranking (Massachusetts, Memphis, Kentucky) and has an 87-9 record as the top-ranked coach, including 46-4 at UK.
  • Calipari is now 173-37 (.824) as head coach at Kentucky, the best winning percentage of any coach in UK history.
  • Kentucky was behind for only 20 seconds tonight.  UK has trailed for only 103:43 of a possible 855 minutes this season.
  • Kentucky returns to action Tuesday at home against Georgia. Game time is 7 p.m. EST and it will be televised on ESPNU.

Team Notes

  • Sparked by inside players, Kentucky shot a season-best 58.5 percent from the field. UK’s bigs (Towns, Cauley-Stein, Lee, Johnson) combined to make 13-of-16 for 81.3 percent.
  • UK made 7-of-15 (46.7 percent) on 3-point shots tonight. Over the last 11 games, Kentucky has shot 44 percent on 3-pointers, 77-of-175.
  • Kentucky had only five turnovers tonight, just one away from the season low of four miscues.
  • Kentucky had balanced scoring tonight with four players in double figures and eight players scoring at least five points.
  • UK is 105-5 in the John Calipari Era when holding opponents to 63 or fewer points, including 17-0 this season.
  • UK is 54-0 in the John Calipari Era when holding opponents to 55 or fewer points, including 16 times this season.
  • Kentucky’s streak of 921 consecutive games with a 3-pointer was extended early in the contest when Aaron Harrison hit a long ball from the left corner at the 17:47 mark of the first half.

First-Half Facts

  • Kentucky’s opening lineup featured Dominique Hawkins, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Karl-Anthony Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein for the sixth time this season.
  • Alabama scored on the game’s opening possession but Kentucky responded with the next seven points and the Wildcats never trailed again.
  • UK led by as many as 17 points at 37-20 and took a 37-24 lead into halftime.

Second-Half Story

  • Kentucky started the second half with Tyler Ulis, Devin Booker, Aaron Harrison, Marcus Lee and Dakari Johnson.
  • The lead stayed between 12 and 21 points during the second half.

Player Notes

  • Karl-Anthony Towns had a perfect shooting night, making all four field goal attempts and all four foul shots for a total of 12 points. All of his points came in the first half.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein tallied 12 points, making all four of his field-goal attempts.
  • Devin Booker had 11 points, including three of four 3-pointers. He’s now made 25 of his last 38 long shots, 65.8 percent.
  • Aaron Harrison chipped in 10 points, the 10th time in the last 12 games he has tallied in double figures.
  • Marcus Lee led the Wildcats in rebounding with five boards and also scored eight points, most for him since scoring eight vs. North Carolina on Dec. 13.

Tyler Ulis contributed a game-high four assists and scored six points.





            Q: On Willie Cauley-Stein:


COACH CALIPARI:  I told them, I don’t know what you’re saying to yourself at halftime, but you better change.  He was so good, he looked like the best big man in the country in the first half.  That’s what I think he could do.  The only issue is he had no rebounds.

So, if he had clipped off three or four five rebounds with that kind of half, it would have been like, wow.

Comes out the second half, the very first play, he gets screened, he falls asleep, fouls on a rebound.

But he’s a young kid.  That’s the stuff he does.  That shows you how good he could be.  I like the fact that we went at Willie and went at him a little bit and made him do some things offensively.  I thought he did good.


  1. After struggling at his dad’s alma mater and missing his first couple tonight, were you glad to see (Devin) Booker sort of get back in the groove and is that what you’ve come to expect from him the way he shot the ball?

COACH CALIPARI:  I thought he played good.  I got upset that we threw a ball to him in the corner and he didn’t have a shot, instead of driving it, he just passed it.

I said if you’re going to play that way, I’ll take you out.  With Trey Lyles being out, this was a good win.  I look at it, you look at the stats, we shoot 50-some percent, had five turnovers, and there was, we were just a little bit off.  Now think about what I’m saying.  Like I wasn’t ‑‑ there was things that happened out there that ‑‑ I may be wanting these guys to be perfect on every possession, but you know what?  I just think we have to keep that standard high of what we’ll accept and what we’re not accepting.

Dakari (Johnson) early in the game.  Sorry.  Then in the second half I thought Dakari played.

I thought Marcus Lee was good the whole game.  Couple one-handed rebounds.

We’re reverting, doing some things that are just absolute sins in this program.  One-handed rebounds, for us, is a sin.  That is a sin.  There’s no reason for it.  They know that.  And it’s something I don’t accept.

But again, it was a good league win and now we have two days to get ready for Georgia.  We’ll have a film day tomorrow and practice on Monday and get ready for them on Tuesday.


  1. Obviously with Trey (Lyles) out there were some minutes available, didn’t see Derek (Willis), is he still sort of not gotten back to where you want him to be?

COACH CALIPARI:  He’s going to have his opportunities and when he has them ‑‑ I just, I look at it and I tell you that Aaron (Harrison) and Andrew (Harrison) and even Devin (Booker) and these guys they deserve ‑‑ now Aaron played 32 minutes, I didn’t know I played him that many minutes, I was hoping those guys got around 28 and the others did.  Andrew got 28.  He probably got a couple of Devin’s minutes.

But again I haven’t subbed this way this year, so it’s hard to keep track of who is in and who is out.  But I liked Tyler (Ulis) and Andrew together.  I thought that was good.  But we’re now a different team without Trey.  So we change again.


  1. You only trailed by 20 seconds in the entire game today, your team was just seemed highly proficient in the first five minutes.  What did you see out of them in the first five?

COACH CALIPARI:  We’re an efficient team.  That’s how we play.  We’re ‑‑ we’re not ‑‑ the issue has been for us is our post play.  Today our post play was good, which is why we shot over 50 percent.  Because now it opens up everything else.

You either got to double team or you got to dig, you got to do something or the guy’s going to score.  That’s what Karl (-Anthony Towns) and Dakari and Willie should be able to do.  Even in a physical game they should be able to do that.  We’re trying to get them to be confident and we did some stuff with Karl that I think helped him, but that second half is just like, come on now.  No way.  This should have been a 25 and eight night for him, it really should have.  He had 12 in the first half, that’s what he ended with.


  1. Do you expect Trey to play on Tuesday and what in particular?

COACH CALIPARI:  Don’t know.


  1. What did you like about Willie (Cauley-Stein)?

COACH CALIPARI:  Don’t know if he’ll play on Tuesday or not.  He’s pretty sick.  So, but Willie, we’re telling Willie, don’t settle for just being a defensive player.  4‑of-6 from the line, I wish he was 5-of‑6, but 4-of‑6 is pretty good for him.  But he scored around the goal.  He’s got that jump hook, he’s long, he’s active, he’s big, just jump over people and score.  Even when they’re pushing on you, want it.  Relish that.  That’s what I want.  Push me.

But again, good win without Trey, I thought our defense in the first half was really good, then we fouled and gave up a layup late.  Instead of being 17, 18, it’s 13, and they got a chance and that’s the one thing this team’s not doing, putting people away when they get that opportunity.


  1. Apologies to everybody for a non‑game question, but rule changes.  I know Seth (Greenburg) asked you about it and you said you wanted more practices August, is there anything else, shot clock, anything else that you would do?

COACH CALIPARI:  Shot clock would be fine if they put it at 30.  It would have no affect on me.  But I think that college basketball should own August and do things in August.  There’s nothing going on.  So let’s own it.  Let’s, let us do it.  Whether it be play exhibition games, whether it be practice, whether ‑‑ you want to go on a foreign trip and they want to televise it, so what?  Do what they did with us last year.  It was pretty good our games out‑rated the USA basketball games most of the time.  As least the first couple.  So people want to watch college basketball.  Do it in August.


  1. What about refs?  Would you do anything different with the way the refs are set up right now?

COACH CALIPARI:  When you have a good team you don’t have to worry about refs.  When your team’s not good, you really worry about refs.  Say put a fourth out there.  Somebody said four times zero is zero.  Six times zero is zero.


  1. Is it surprising to you when you say post play has been our issue?

COACH CALIPARI:  Yeah.  Because it’s been rough.  We have to get Dakari, you got to make some and ones, you can’t miss all those and expect to go to the foul line and then miss free throws.  You just can’t.  We can’t throw you the ball.

He’s gotten better.  He’s got to figure out ways, am I not shooting it quick enough, do I need to make a quicker play, am I trying to bully and I can’t even bully a guy that’s my size or smaller, I’m not getting it to the rim.

But we’re getting better at it, but today was great because Willie and Karl, we threw them the ball, they went 8-of-8.  Well if you are bigs go 8-of‑8 you’re going to shoot over 50 percent.


  1. John, Karl lost Kessens on a cut in the second half, did he turn his head or what happened?

COACH CALIPARI:  He stood straight up and down.  You’re standing straight up and down you’re just standing there and all of a sudden you get screened you’re like, oh my, it’s ‑‑ by that time the guy’s shooting a layup.  And by that time, Dakari was back in the game.


  1. The last undefeated team now in the NCAA, I know you said that doesn’t matter to you.

COACH CALIPARI:  I think South Carolina (Women’s Team) is undefeated and Princeton (Women’s Team) is undefeated, so there’s some other teams.  I think our rifle team is undefeated.  Did they?

Like I said, this team, the question is, how good can we be.  And I don’t know yet.  I’m trying to get guys to go to that next level.  I’m prodding and pushing and screaming and yelling, go, because I really do want to see how good can we really be.

You’re not going to be great every night out, if you play 30 games in a season, 31, four or five of them are going to be really high level.  Four or five of them are going to be so bad you just hope the other team stinks too.  And then the rest of them are all going to be within a range of four or five percent.  That’s the season.

I’m trying to get us to just come out one time ‑‑ and we have had a couple now, we had the Kansas game, that was a romp, I mean that was from start ‑‑ UCLA ‑‑ start to finish, we have had a few of them.  But we have also had the Columbia’s down 11, we have had Buffalo down five.  We have had ‑‑ and I would imagine there’s going to be a league game or two before we finish we’ll be down at half and have to see if we can fight to come back and we’re not at our best, it’s just how the season goes.

So when you say about undefeated, we’re playing every game to win, but if you do ‑‑ I told them last night, we lose today, we’re 20-1.  So?

I said, you lose in March, your season’s over.

Right now, you should just try to find out how good you can be.  And that’s all we’re doing.  I’m not ‑‑ I’ve had a team at Massachusetts (UMass) that was started the season like this, I had a team at Memphis that started the season like this, both of those teams took an L and by the end of the year were the best version of themselves.  By the end of the year.

So, and whether that happens to this team or not, one way or another, I would rather them win it all or win them all, but if they don’t, this doesn’t.  Just as long as we’re getting better.

FastScripts by ASAP Sports….

Kentucky News- Weekend Collision Claims Life of Perry County Child

(Hazard, KY) –  A weekend collision in Hazard has resulted in the death of a Perry County child.  Troopers with Kentucky State Police Post 13 in Hazard are currently investigating the incident which occurred at approximately 6:40 p.m., on Saturday January 24.  Officers responded to a call of a two vehicle collision on Combs Road, near Perry County Central High School.

HandsOnJailBarsInitially it was determined that Jason Combs, age 36 of Hazard, was traveling east on Combs Road in a 1999 Chevrolet pickup, when the truck crossed into the westbound lane and collided head-on with a 2001 Chrysler Sebring.  The driver and passenger of the car, as well as Jason Combs were transported to Hazard ARH for medical treatment.  A 9 year old child was air-lifted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition.  The driver of the Sebring was treated for non-life threatening injuries and later released.  Jason Combs was also treated and released, at which time he was transported and lodged in the Kentucky River Regional Jail.  He was charged with Driving Under the Influence and other traffic offenses.  The child was wearing a seat belt at the time of the collision, and toxicology results are pending.

On Monday, January 26, Trooper Brandon Thomas served an arrest warrant on Jason Combs, charging him with one count each of Assault 1st Degree and 1st Degree Wanton Endangerment.  He remained lodged in the Kentucky River Regional Jail.

At approximately 4:00 p.m., on January 26, KSP Post 13 was advised that the child involved in this collision had died as a result of sustained injuries.  As a result of the child’s death, Jason Combs is now subject to additional charges. This incident remains under investigation by Tpr. Brandon Thomas.

Indiana News – Indiana State Police and Mt. Vernon Police Investigate Overnight Armed Robbery

Posey County – Indiana State Police and Mt. Vernon Police are investigating an overnight armed robbery that occurred at Huck’s Convenient Store located at 819 Main Street in Mt. Vernon.

PoliceCar_8At approximately 11:00 last night, an unknown male entered the store wearing a hooded sweatshirt, camouflage mask and gloves. The male approached the clerk, displayed a handgun and demanded cash. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash the male fled the area on foot. No one inside the store was injured.


  • Race Unknown
  • Male
  • Age Unknown
  • Approximately 5 foot-6 inches
  • Approximately 150 lbs.
  • Wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt
  • Camouflage mask

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Indiana State Police at 1-800-852-3970 or Mt. Vernon Police at 812-838-8705

Kentucky News – Knott County Grocery Robbed at Gunpoint

(Kite, KY) – A rural Knott County grocery store was robbed at gunpoint last Friday evening.  Kentucky State Police and deputies with the Knott County Sheriff’s Office responded to KC Grocery in the Kite community just before 9:00 p.m., in response to the robbery.

BulletsInHandGunUpon arrival, officers contacted a store clerk, who advised them that an unknown male subject entered the store, armed with what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun.  The man demanded all the money from the register, then ordered the clerk to lay on the floor, before fleeing the store.  The store clerk complied with the man demands, and was not injured, and could not advise which direction he fled to.

Officers were unable to locate the suspect in the area surrounding the scene.  He is described as being white male, approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing around 200 pounds.  He was wearing a white mask, blue hoodie, and jeans.  This incident remains under investigation by Detective Billy Pollard with KSP Post 13.

Rozier and Jones Lead Louisville over Pittsburgh

Out of the last 15 top ten opponents to visit the Petersen Events Center, only two have walked away victorious.  The tenth-ranked Louisville Cardinals became the third top ten opponent to come away with a victory.  The Cardinals played one of their more complete games of the season in defeating the Panthers 80 – 68.

This Louisville team has been one of Rick Pitino’s most anemic teams offensively during his tenure with the Cardinals.  They came into Sunday’s game shooting only 42.7 percent from the field (12th in the ACC) and 29.4 percent from three point range (13th in the ACC).  It was a completely different team against Pittsburgh.  U of L shot a season-best 65.2 percent from the field.  The 65.2 percent was only the fourth time all season the Cardinals have surpassed 50 percent shooting.

U of L logoWhen U of L’s starting guard tandem plays as well as they did against Pittsburgh, the Cardinals will be hard to beat.  Rozier paced U of L with 26 points on 10 – 16 shooting.  Jones scored 17 points and made 6 of his 10 shots.

It wasn’t just the scoring of Rozier and Jones that was impressive.  They tallied 15 of the Cardinals’ 19 assists with Jones totaling nine and Rozier six.  Both guards both grabbed five rebounds as well.

Montrezl Harrell has struggled for the past four games, averaging only nine points and making only 43.8 percent of his shots.  His biggest problem has been his inability to get the ball in the post and score from inside.  Harrell scored 18 points on 8 of 12 shooting.  Most of his points came from inside 10 feet, something that Pitino has implored him to start doing.  His 18 points pushed him past the 1000 point mark for his career.

Louisville was in control for most of the game.  The Panthers had no answer for Rozier in the first half.  Rozier scored 18 of his 26 points from outside, inside, and on the break.  The Cardinals jumped out to a 40 – 30 lead at the half.

The second half began the way that much of the season has gone for U of L.  Long scoring droughts have often plagued the Cardinals this season.  Pittsburgh cut U of L’s lead to five, 40 – 35.  The Cardinals went a total of seven minutes without a point.  For a while it looked as if the Panthers were going to take control of the game, but that would not happen on this day.  Harrell dunked off a dish from Jones, Jones made a three, and reserve Mangok Mathiang made a three-point play to push the lead to 48 – 35.  Pittsburgh would get no closer than eight the rest of the way.

Louisville will play their second straight road game Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. at Boston College (9 – 9 overall, 1 – 5 in the ACC).

Wildcats Special Season Still On Track

(Mark Stoops 2015 Signing Class Just Days Away) 

By Ira D. Combs – Tri State Sports Media Service Inc.

UK vs Georgia 11-8-14 (78)As we enter the last week of January the Kentucky “Wildcats” special season is still on track at 19 – 0 with games coming up this week at Missouri (Thurs.9:00 est. ESPN) and saturday in Rupp Arena (7:00 est. – SEC Network) . Most all the college basketball gurus don’t think there will be a bump in the road this week either but sometimes that’s when lightning strikes . Cal’s boys did dispose of Missouri in Rupp Arena a couple weeks ago pretty easily and the Alabama game this coming saturday will be in the friendly confines of Rupp Arena so it’s doubtful anything earth shattering will happen this week unless it’s with the only other undefeated NCAA Div. 1 team over in Charlottsville , Va.

The Virginia “Cavaliers” have a tough road ahead over the next two weeks in ACC play ( Duke / UL at Home and North Carolina / NC State away ) while UK has an upcoming road swing of back to back games on the road at Florida and LSU within three days of each other . If both the Cats and Cavs are still undefeated after wadding thru those tough waters then we can all start getting excited and talking about something that could be very special which would be the prospects of something I’m not sure has ever happened before , an NCAA championship game with 2 undefeated teams .

Hey , we can dream can’t we it’s not Hollywood but we can still dream .

On the home front Devin Booker continues to open eyes across college basketball with his uncanny shooting from behind the arc now hitting at a 64% clip the last five games . Just last weekend the SEC Network’s premier weekly show SEC Now did a poll among their host and game announcers of who were the top (5) three point shooters in the SEC . Guess what team had (2) players in that top (5) , none other than your own Kentucky “Wildcats”  . Soph. Aaron Harrison was ranked the # 3 shooter from behind the arc and Devin Booker UK’s multi talented freshman was the top rated long range specialist in the SEC .

Double Dip Weekend For BBN Out In State

In the fall of the year most of Big Blue Nation loves a double dip weekend of Keeneland racing on a saturday afternoon and UK football at CWS on saturdayevening . This coming weekend you can get the winter version of double dipping UK basketball style . This coming saturday as we mentioned above you have UK playing Alabama at Rupp Arena with tip-off slated for 7:00 p.m. then on sunday afternoon you can catch Matthew Mitchell’s UK Hoops team in Memorial Coliseum battling the Georgia womens basketball team at 1:00 p.m.and still get back to most parts of the Commonwealth at a decent hour for a good nights rest to start monday morning off for another week at the office .

There is only one more of these double dip weekends left in the season and it comes when the men play Arkansas on Feb. 28th then the UK Hoops team plays # 1 South Carolina the following day (Sun.) March 1st in Memorial Coliseum .

You can go online at for more coverage of UK basketball and football as well as KHSAA basketball and football . You can also follow me on twitter at @combsbrothers5 .

Working Women by Gwen Randall-Young

Recently I have been writing about self-care, and the importance of taking time for relaxation. This column is clock backespecially for women who cannot relax, and the men who keep asking them why they cannot sit down for a few minutes.

No doubt you have noticed that a man can be very productive and accomplish a lot, yet still will take time to sit and watch the game, or to have a little snooze. Men seem to understand the importance of taking a “time out” now and again.

Many women could not even think of doing this. As long as there is something that still needs to be done, she cannot take a break. The problem is that there is always something more that could be done.

Women seem to suffer more from physical ailments such as migraine headaches, bowel problems, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. They also seem to experience more anxiety and depression than men do.

There is a connection between the need to constantly be working, thinking about all that needs to be done, and physical/emotional health. This constant pressure a woman puts on herself creates a good deal of stress: stress is a big factor in many illnesses, and is also known to compromise the immune system.

It is important to take little breaks throughout the day, rather than to tell yourself you will relax after everything is done. If you wait until the end, either you will run out of time, or you will already be exhausted.

Little mini-breaks will do wonders for the body and the soul. It could be a short meditation, a few yoga poses, a little nap, a cup of tea, or a few minutes of watching the sky and counting your blessings. The work can wait; caring for your own soul cannot.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

UK Sports- UK Runs Record to 19-0 With Win at South Carolina

KENTUCKY POSTGAME NOTES – No. 1/1 Kentucky at South Carolina – Colonial Life Arena –­­ Jan. 24, 2015 – Attendance: 18,000 – FINAL SCORE: No. 1/1 Kentucky 58, South Carolina 43

Team Records and Series Notes

  • UK HurricaneKentucky is 19-0, 6-0 in the Southeastern Conference. South Carolina is 10-8, 1-5 in the SEC.
  • UK leads the all-time series with South Carolina, 48-11, including a 19-7 mark in games played in Columbia.
  • Kentucky coach John Calipari has a 10-2 all-time record vs. South Carolina.
  • Calipari has a 616-177 overall record and a 171-37 mark at Kentucky.
  • UK has a 193-27 all-time record as the nation’s No. 1 team, winning 37 of the last 39 games as the AP’s top-ranked team.
    • Calipari has an 81-9 all-time record as the No. 1 team in the nation, including a 40-4 mark at Kentucky.
  • Kentucky will return to action on Thursday, traveling to Missouri for a 9 p.m. ET tip-off, with the game televised live on ESPN. The game will also be broadcast live on the UK Radio Network, with Tom Leach and Mike Pratt voicing the action.


Team Notes

  • With a 19-0 start, UK has tied the 2009-10 team for the third-best start in UK history.
    • UK’s 19-0 start is the best under coach John Calipari.
  • With 2,159 wins, Kentucky is the all-time wins leader in college basketball.
    • UK has a league-best 929-262 all-time mark in SEC play.
  • After Devin Booker’s 3-pointer to give UK a 9-8 lead early in the first half, Kentucky extended its streak of games with a 3-pointer to 919 consecutive, the second-longest streak in the nation.
  • UK improved to 14-0 when holding a halftime lead.
  • The nation’s leader in blocks and blocks per game, Kentucky swatted nine shots and have had at least three blocked shots in each game this season.
  • Kentucky is now 52-0 under Calipari when holding its opponent under 55 points, including 14 wins in 2014-15.
  • Kentucky held South Carolina to 23-percent shooting from the field and have held 10 opponents under 30 percent shooting on the year.
  • UK had more blocks and steals (17) than South Carolina had field goals (12).
    • It marked the eighth time in 2014-15 UK has had more blocks and steals than the opponent had field goals and the first time since a win over UCLA.
  • South Carolina had just five assists, marking the 15th time this season UK has held its opponent to under 10 assists.
  • Kentucky has held its opponent to under 55 points in 14 of 19 games, the most in school history in the shot-clock era (since 1985-86).
  • UK held South Carolina to just four field goals in the second half.
  • The Wildcats held the Gamecocks without a field goal from the 4:31 mark in the first half to the 15:12 mark in the second half.
  • UK also held South Carolina to a 6:16 field-goal drought that ended with a SC 3-pointer with 6:07 left in the game.


Individual Notes

  • Freshman guard Devin Booker charted a game-high 18 points, his fifth game with at least 18 points.
    • Booker is 22 for 33 over his last nine games from 3-point range.
    • Booker has led UK in scoring a team-best seven times.
  • Sophomore guard Aaron Harrison totaled 13 points, adding four rebounds and a season-high tying three steals.
    • Aaron Harrison has made 24 3-pointers over his last nine games and has had a 3-pointer in 11 consecutive games.
  • Junior forward Wille Cauley-Stein played in his team-leading 85th career game.
    • A member of the Midseason Wooden Award watch list, Cauley-Stein had two steals to become the first player in Kentucky history with 200 or more blocks and 100 or more steals.
  • Freshman guard Tyler Ulis had a team-best six assists in just 20 minutes, his most assists since dishing out seven in a win over Ole Miss.
    • Ulis added six points, three rebounds and a steal.
    • Ulis has a 63-17 assist-turnover ratio in his collegiate debut.
  • Freshman forward Trey Lyles made his seventh start of the year.
    • Lyles had seven points and two rebounds, adding an assist and a steal.
  • Sophomore center Dakari Johnson led UK with six rebounds and has had at least three rebounds in nine consecutive games.
  • Sophomore forward Marcus Lee tied his career high with four blocks, in just 13 minutes.

Evansville Man Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Bruce Hammond Arrested
Bruce Hammond Arrested

Vanderburgh County – Friday night at approximately 7:11, Trooper Brent Gramig stopped Bruce Hammond, 23, of Evansville, for driving 62 in a 45 mph zone on US 41 near St. George Road. When Gramig approached the vehicle he detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana. A search produced a marijuana cigarette and a small bag of marijuana. Further investigation revealed Hammond was impaired.  He was arrested and taken to the Vanderburgh County Jail where he is currently being held without bond.

Arrested and Charges:

  • Bruce D. Hammond, 23, 3400 Oak Terrace, Evansville, IN
  1. Driving Under the Influence (Marijuana), Class A Misdemeanor
  2. Possession of Marijuana, Class C Misdemeanor

Arresting Officer: Trooper Brent Gramig, Indiana State Police

Indiana News – Vincennes Man Arrested for Dealing Marijuana

Knox County – Around midnight on January 21, Indiana State Police responded to an apartment located at 219 West St. Clair Street in Vincennes to investigate an anonymous tip regarding illegal drug activity.  When troopers arrived they found approximately 200 grams of marijuana, paraphernalia and other items used to distribute marijuana.

Anthony Scott Humble
Anthony Scott Humble

Anthony Scott Humble, 20, was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail where he is currently being held on bond.  The investigation continues.

Arrested and Charges:

  • Anthony Scott Humbles, 20, 219 W. St. Clair Street, Apartment 10, Vincennes, IN
  1. Dealing Marijuana, Class 6 Felony
  2. Possession of Marijuana over 30 grams, Class B Misdemeanor
  3. Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Class B Misdemeanor

Arresting Officers: Trooper Brad Mull, Trooper John Davis, Master Trooper Jim Dotson, Trooper William Campbell and Trooper Brock Buchanan